The Nonconference Schedule Isn't A Gauntlet As It Features Southeastern Missouri Tigers , Central Michigan Chippewas And A Road Game Against Ohio Bobcats .

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Conference play begins with Iowa State on the road, and that's followed by Texas' final bye of the season. After that, it's eight Big 12 games in eight weeks, including a five-week stretch of Kansas State Wildcats , Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, at Baylor Bears and at TCU Horned Frogs . Kansas was always bound to have one of the more difficult schedules in the Big 12 because the conference has a round-robin schedule, and unlike the other nine conference members, Kansas doesn't get to play Kansas. The nonconference schedule isn't a gauntlet as it features Southeastern Missouri Tigers , Central Michigan Chippewas and a road game against Ohio Bobcats . The problems come in conference play. West Virginia and Texas Tech Red Raiders won't be an easy start, but Kansas will play Iowa State in Ames this year. Recent history suggests the Cyclones should be Kansas' "most-beatable" opponent, so to have that game on the road this year is unfortunate. Making matters worse, the Jayhawks' four November games come against Baylor, Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Iowa State is a lot like Kansas in that it doesn't get the benefit of playing itself.

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