I Don't Take The Bad Stuff Home Anymore, And Part Of That Is Therapy, He Says. But His Insurance Does Not Cover Mental Therapy.

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Nutritionist Christy Harrison works with restaurant industry workers to help them make better daily food choices for long-term health. "Our focus is often to help them carve out time during their shifts to eat their own meals and snacks, and to be aware of their own energy levels and hunger/thirst as they're working, since a busy shift can cause people to completely tune out of their own physical needs," Harrison says. San Francisco server Michael Procopio has been in the industry for 26 years. He knew he needed to quit his unhealthy habits when, already afflicted with depression, he rapidly suffered appendicitis, followed by a heart attack and then the death of his mother later that year. So he cut out his post-shift drink (which he called "self-medicating"), dropped smoking on doctor's orders, lessened his shifts and joined the gym. "I'd never given it much thought before, connections of my own wellness and waiting tables, but the restaurant lifestyle wasn't helpful for my heart, with its late hours," Procopio says. "I've had those concerns and fears of doing this when I'm 60, and I don't know if my body can handle doing it." One of his biggest preventives is psychotherapy. "I don't take the bad stuff home anymore, and part of that is therapy," he says." But his insurance does not cover mental therapy. While the rise of businesses catering to the long-term wellness of workers is welcome, restaurant worker advocate organizations like ROC-United says that broader industry changes like a livable wage , employer-sponsored insurance and sick days are needed in order to create a thriving, long-term industry.

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